Friday, 18 November 2016

My First Exhibition!

  After exploring so many craft forms,I wanted to participate in an exhibition.And finaly got chance in an exhibition at New Mumbai.I shared stall with my friend who also had kept handmade articles for sale.Following are some pics of my exhibition.

I had no idea about how many no of articles to be kept for each type. I had kept 3 types of items. One was quilling frames,second was quilling gift envelopes and third decorated bottles.Following are some pictures of wall frames.
I have recycled glass bottles by decoupage.These can be used as bottle lamp also. 

Last one are quilling envelopes. There were two types,one with thick gold paper envelopes and other thin/normal paper envelopes.
So these are updates of 2 days exhibition.It was a great experience to sell your craft in an exhibition. learnt lot of thing, and now ready for another exhibition.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Pen Stands

This is up-cycled project.I have up-cycled tin as pen stand using decoupage.Inspiration is from  Dr.Sonia's Blog.

These are my two pen stands.One for office and one for home.

This is how I started-
Clean the tins

I wanted to use glitter so applied it with decoupage glue.

                  After that I pasted pattern paper on tin. then 2 layers of decoupage glue.
This is another pen stand,with different pattern paper.

Both the stands can be decorated further.I am finding for matching satin ribbon for it.A cute ribbon bow will give complete look for pen stand (will upload picture shortly)

My up cycled pen stands. 

Glass Bottle Decoupage

I wanted to try decoupage on glass bottle since long.It took a lot of time to collect all material as I am new to decoupage.
And this is the final product.

Eifel tower and roses cut out ,golden and red color  combinations,some gliter and lace.

3d effect given to rose with 3d outliner.

This is my decoupaged bottle. For back ground I used golden and red color.It will look fab with lights in it. Soon I will update photo of lit bottle.
This is slightly smaller bottle.Again decorated with roses and one big red flower.

Colored lace added to top. Some gliter and golden colour painted on remaining part of bottle.

This is the pic showing all sides of bottle !
These are my first I will try many more like this.

Some more wall frames

Hi friends,
           After successful complition of Malaysian flower wall frame ,I have started making of these frames in different colours.

   I have used bright coloured 5 mm strips for these flowers.
Leaves are of 3 mm green strips.

Further I am going to decorate it with green curls and some pearls.
This is the link for my previous Mmaysian flower wall frame

Quilling Wall Peices

    These are some new designs for wall frames.
Mainly 5 mm strips are used for these flowers and 3 mm for leaves.

My favorite colours pink and blue are used in it.

This is most loved pattern. Paper doili on coloured background gives nice effect to quilling fllowers.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Quilled Sunflower

Quilled Sunflower Wall Piece

This is my entry for  IQCG Challenge#25 - Trios of Colours

I love quilling .After mastering basics of quilling I wanted to make something of intermediate level. So started trying my hand on different types of flowers.
As theme suggest I used yellow,brown and green paper for this sun flower wall piece.stripe thickness for flower petal is 5 mm,for leaves 3 mm .

First I made lots of petals of yellow and green. Green petals for leaves. Then assembled yellow petals it in two layers.this is my Sun Flower with buds

And this is my Sun Flower wall piece.Now I will frame it and its ready to use or gift your favorite one.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Something New To Try !

I always like Something New To Try !
And here is my new material to try something New :)
These are decoupage napkins,MDF cut outs,paper doilies and sospeso sheet.

Shortly I will be posting Decoupage on Glass Bottle,Quilling wall Cloak and something by using sospeso flower !